Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is a workout designed by Joseph Pilates during the early 20 th century for soldiers and boxers. The Reformer machine is an awesome way to add resistance, stability, mobility, range of motion and balance challenges in your workout. It allows you an endless amount of different variations all while keeping your workouts boredom free and up to par with some of the most challenging workouts you will find out there! The Mill offers eight spaces per class which gives you teammates to help motivate you but also small enough to have a personalized experience which enhances the overall efficiency in your workout so you can see results that much faster.

Pilates Grind

Our Pilates Grind classes are our standard classes that are 45 minutes long. They are
offered the most regularly on the schedule. Each class is a full body workout that will always push you to
your best effort and you will leave feeling like you did serious work. We believe that your workouts
should give you your money’s worth and you will leave with exhausted energy every time.

Pilates Drip

Pilates Drip is our 30 minute cardio Pilates class. This class will mimic a HIIT style workout
where we combine short bursts of intense cardio followed by periods of time where you slow your heart
rate down. This class will use other apparatuses in combination with the reformer in order to make the
time fly by. Pilates Drip is only 30 minutes so it is the perfect way to get a little extra in each week to
boost your spirits while keeping your heart and mind tough. If you have enough time you can combine
Pilates Drip back to back with a Pilates Grind class and in and hour and fifteen minutes you will leave
feeling amazing energy.

Pilates Seed

Pilates Seed is a perfect class for people who are new to reformer and need to nail down
some basics and get comfortable on the machine before you are ready to dive into our Pilates Grind and
Drip classes. Anything that goes through a mill starts out as a seed. We welcome any newbies to try out
our Pilates Seed classes before we break you down in the other two classes so that you will blossom and
grow into a Pilates badass.